Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life is Short,,,,,,,,,

Yesterday that was the finally thing I said in my post.

"Life is Short"

I thought about that last night. It seems like we just had the kids and now here we are almost finished with high school for one of them and the other getting closer everyday!

I am about to have my 18th anniversary, and I will be 45 this year. It really seems like it was 1995 just yesterday. I was 27 and thought I had forever in front of me. Truth is I did and still do! When I was that age though I would have thought you where like really old at 45. Now I feel the same as I did then just a little more sore when I really push it.

That comment "it's a shame youth is wasted on the young", is so true...

Cody has no ideal what he wants to do. Last night his mom and I where talking to him about college applications, he needs to start sending them off next fall. He ain't got a clue what he wants to do! It seemed to kinda over whelm him. About the only thing that made him smile was the fact I told him I still had no clue what I wanted to do when I grow up.

Honestly, I mean that. Not trying to be childish or anything else, but I honestly don't know. My take on life is my time with family is far more important than what I do for a living. I only work so I can afford to do more with the family.

I have a friend who I ran into yesterday on my way home from work and we got to chat for a few minutes. After the initial "hey how are you crap" He started telling me all about the new job he has and how much he is knocking down now! Then he asks if I am still doing the same thing. You know the "tone", like that must suck!

I say yea and tell him we are picking up and things. Then he tells me I need get a job with his company, the money is unbelievable. This time he starts telling me he has worked everyday for the last 15 straight including Sunday's. How he has managed to sell 3 houses and he isn't even in the sales end and how that bonus is gonna be sweet!

I let him carry on for a minute or two, then I explain how the last thing I would ever want would be a job that requires 15 straight days! He looks at me like I am crazy.......

Some people just don't get it. He has a kid at home and he's going around bragging about working for 15 straight days. What about the wife and kid. My wife might get tired of seeing me so much but she sure doesn't show it. The kids sure ain't bitching about it either. Wonder what his kid thinks about dad being gone all the time!!!!!!

"Life is Short".......... Don't forget it........

It's almost like I need a reminder her lately. With everything changing as far as our intrest, and Cody not wanting to race bikes any more. College coming and Chase starting his running. Things change, and you need to adjust fast. As I said yesterday I am not looking forward to riding by myself.

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