Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Again............

First, let's get this out of the way. As you can see from my background I am  a die hard Kentucky fan! This year has been a total loss! You never knew who was gonna get off the bus and play ball, every game was a guess. But now it's over. It's official, we won't be defending out national championship.


There's always next year!!!! Plus we are still playing ball in the NIT tournament. Yet we all know what that means.

Not In The Tournament!!

OK, let's now carry on. Saturday I thought hard about riding the road bike for the first time of the year. Then loaded up the mtn. bike and headed to Sherman Branch for a 2 lap ride. Then about halfway through it I realized I didn't even have a full lap in me. Much less 2 laps! So I slowed down and enjoyed the fantastic weather and when I got to the end of the loop I took off and busted out into the parking lot like I had just set some kind of new record!

Nobody else knew the difference! Then yesterday I finally did get the road bike out. First ride of the year! 34 miles and I was home. I actually enjoyed it, I haven't been on that bike since last year around August. You tend to forget just how fast you can roll on the road. I had a top speed of 28 and an average of 17.

For the first ride and just out for the enjoyment I was more than happy with it. Besides as I was leaving I went out the back way and found a friend and his wife and their neighbor fixing to leave. All of a sudden I have 3 new people with in a half mile of the house who are riding. That's a first!

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