Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Riding Again,,,,,,,,,,,,

So I swam yesterday am and rode last night. I met Scott and Kelly at Steve's trail right after work. This was my first ride on the new frame and I was kinda looking forward to it.

So Kelly got there before we did and rode a lap by himself. Scott and I went in the woods backwards so we would run into him, we did. Then back out and around we went. I stayed with them through the first c2 climbs and most of the lap. Then all of a sudden I had no shifting? I was like, damn I would have thought they changed my cables when they rebuilt my bike?

Like what the hell! So I started walking. All I had was the front 3 sprockets and they hardest gear in the back. After a short walk I decided to take a look at the problem. Guess what! When he routed the new cable for the rear derailleur he missed putting it through the little guide hole, the cable had just slipped off! So I put it back on and took off again.

Only problem was now my buds where out of sight. So I ended up riding the rest of the lap by myself. No big deal, and the cable slipped off a few more times. So I would have held them up anyway. But it did kinda kill my rhythm.

Then it was to the house in time for supper and the day was done. After we ate I fixed the bike and I was happy, now I am looking forward to the next ride. That will be tomorrow night. I plan on 2 laps then.

Yes, I swam this morning and life is good!!!!!!!

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