Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Yep, it's Tuesday and I have a mile swim down. I went to the pool thinking I am tired and I might take a short day. Next thing I know I am halfway through it and feeling good. I kinda did things different today. Usually I start without fins or any thing and go till I am tired.

Today I started with nothing and swam for a 100 yards and decided this sucks, so I got the fins out and did 300 more. Then I went back to the leg float and did another 400. From there I went back to nothing and did 400 more. It wasn't as hard as the first time with nothing so maybe I need to try and warm up more often.

Lesson learned!

Next I found a trail race for this weekend. Chase and I are gonna do it. I asked him last night if he was interested and he said yes. So I guess we will be at Renaissance park in Charlotte Saturday AM. It's a 5k meaning it's 3.1miles. So far they only have about a 120 people entered. So that means it won't be so crowded.

Now for the funny part! I want to do it but I don't want to get my new shinny running shoes dirty. I swear I paid way to much for them to use them for what they are made for!

If that makes any sense..

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