Monday, March 11, 2013

Time Change.....

That's what I am gonna blame the lack of a post so far today on. In my mind it's still early. It's only noon. The one bright side to time change is the fact the day will go by really fast. Now I can do some more bike riding. I won't be fighting darkness.

The weekend came and went. I got in a ride everyday and I am still not sick. Karen's been sick for the last few days and I keep waiting for it to catch me. So far so good.

Saturday I went to Beatty and rode. I was 3 laps into it and about as far as I could have been from the car when I get the chain caught between the sprocket and the spokes. No matter how hard I tried it wouldn't come out! So then I was all the way in the back and the wheel won't even turn. I had to carry the bike for about 2 miles.

Then once I got back to the parking lot I caught a ride with some kids and they took me back to the tennis courts where I had parked. If I hadn't found them I would have walked another 2 miles! So over all it worked out good. I came home and fixed it.

Then yesterday I went back over to Steve's and rode a loop. It was a rather slow ride, I kinda felt like I was sick. But I enjoyed it, that place is hands down the hardest trail in this area! Now I just need to spend more time there.

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