Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The date means nothing to me I just thought it was worth noting.

So I did swim again this morning, Kelly got back in town and he showed up. It's nice to have the company but every time he comes I end up sore! I have improved a lot over the last couple of months and it shows. My stroke needs a little tweaking and I will be good to go. So the exercises he gave me to help my stroke have me sore again.

I still swam 1500 yards today, yes I hate I didn't get to the mile mark 250 yards away but like I said already, I am sore and that soreness started before I was out of the pool. So tomorrow I will knockout my mile right on schedule, then finish the week.

Now back to bicycles. The 2nd race of the year is this week and I am not sure were going. Cody has hung in there and raced for the last 4 years but I think he is kinda burned out on it now. We talked about it last might and he isn't sure he wants to commit to the whole year just yet. He has so many other interest now he's growing up.

Then Chase has no interest either so I think this might be the end! At least for now. As I told Cody last night, he will come back to it when he is ready. If you don't want to commit and train there's no reason to go and spend the money. We can always load up and go ride the same trails at another time.

How do I feel about it?

Well believe it or not, as I told Cody it's not that big of deal. I like going and seeing all the people but I have kinda reached the point that I like to ride and like to ride long distances. Races are a commitment that require a training plan and a little more intensity than even I really want to put out at this point in time.

I could always go by myself. But why? The kids have always been the reason I started racing again and got in shape to race. If I never race again I would probably be OK with it. I started racing bicycles when I was 10 years old!

Like I told Cody, I too stopped racing when I was his age. Then I came back to race when I was around 20 and then here I am again in my 40's. Plus I have been doing the foot races and enjoy them. Then I have my plans for the triathlons so all is not lost.

It's just we might be changing directions!

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