Thursday, March 28, 2013


Why does the first 3-4 hundred yards swimming always suck? It seems like after I reach that point I find my groove and can keep going as long as I want. So that's my "Why" question of the day.

Next up is the fact that it's damn near a job to be active! Why do I say that? Well last night the kids went to church and Karen and I went out for dinner. When we got home I packed up my clothes and bag for swimming this morning and then went in to sit down.

About that time it dawned on me I was planning to ride the mountain bike after work today. So I got up and packed up my mtn. bike clothes and got the bike ready. Another 20 minutes before I was done and ready to sit back down. When I finally did I thought damn this exercise is a lot of work!

I also hit the motorcycle shop on the way home and got the rest of Chase's parts. Tonight when I finally get home I will finish it and we will be a little closer to the trails. So besides taking the wife out for dinner last night my whole evening pretty much revolved around my activities.

Packing and prepping.... I have a tough life......

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