Monday, March 4, 2013

First Race of 13''''''''''

So we loaded up went down Saturday, preroad the course and I knew it was gonna be tuff... I was expecting the old Killer 3 trail we raced 20 years ago (the same one they used last year)....NOT..

This year they cut in a brand new trail that started at the very bottom, at the lake. Then climbed for 3 and half miles 800ft. That's the same as Sherman has in 11 plus miles! Once the climbing was over we crossed a road and then had 4 miles of fire rd that was big ring haul ass!!!!!

So we start and I go into the woods in the top 10 shuffle back to about 15 and make it through the climbing to the fast stuff. We had 29 in the 40-49 sport class. About a half mile into the fire rd I have passed 3 and fixing to pass another. The road is wide but it has 2 lanes from car traffic that are solid, the middle is kinda soft and some sections only one lane is solid. As I go to pass the next guy I am hauling ASS and call out my pass. The guy moves over gets in the soft stuff and comes right back over on me! We go down in a heap!! Flipping and rolling in the sand and dirt!

I get up and take off again! Only now I have a bent derailleur hanger!! I have all three rings in the front and 3 gears in the back. That's all it will stay in without jumping all over the place! I make it through the 1st lap with a few guys on the single speeds and I push it through the climbing and knockout lap 2. The 3rd lap I am sucking wind with no easy gears and I suffer through it till the end. I end up about 20th out of 29 and glad it was over!!!!!

Cody raced the junior 17-18 and figured out he's gonna have to pick it up! I think he had it in his head he was gonna win hands down, only to figure out that age group ain't playing! Those kids were hauling ass... He ended up 5th for the day and about a minute back from the winner.

We both need to train a little harder before the next one. We will be in Sanford NC on the 17th. For round 2, only about 12 more to go. It's gonna be a fun summer!!!!!

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