Friday, March 1, 2013

Another One Gone......

Another week anyway. It seemed like a really long one but at least it's over. With it raining for a few days we sat around and watched that and then we got busy. When that plays out it seems like a long week.

As far as my exercise goes I think I did pretty good, I swam 4 days and ran once. Yes the run was last night, my new shoes worked out really good. My knees aren't hurting today and my feet don't hurt at all! That's saying something.

Then Cody and I are loading up tomorrow around noon and heading to Sumter SC for the race this weekend. It will be the first race of the Southern Classic Series. That should be fun, we are staying at the Quality Inn in Sumter so we don't have to get up at 5am to get there on time.

Being just Cody and I, we get some good father son time. Chase says he wants to stay home this time. He will keep Karen company. Next week he and I are gonna run another 5k. So that will be our time, Cody has no interest in running. Speaking of running we are now signed up for the Cooper River Bridge Run the first week of April.

We are gonna stay with Paula and Ray in Mt. Pleasant. This will be my first 10k! It should be rather interesting, 6.2 miles. So far I have ran two 4 milers so I think I will be fine. I didn't really feel like I was hurting at the end so I am looking forward to it.

Six months ago I never would have believed I would be running now and enjoying it. When I loose about 20 more pounds I will be into it. Yesterday as I was running I was thinking about how much fun I used to have when I would go trail running. I want to get back to that..........

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