Friday, December 28, 2012

This Is Becoming A Habit ..............

Yep I did the pool again this morning, and it was cold as hell outside at 5am! Damn cold! I don't like the cold. I can deal with the cold but I sure don't like it!

I even had to wait for the frost to clear from the windshield before I could pull out of the driveway. That was after I tried to drive up the driveway and ended up in the yard. So then I sat up next to the road for 5 minutes and of course I didn't wait long enough and tried to go. I figured I would turn and take the back road out to the hwy, there would be no traffic that way.

NOT, hell I met 2 cars as soon as I turned on the side road. So then I was trying to look through a little hole of frost and dodge cars and mailboxes. Lesson learned, "wait for the frost to clear before you kill yourself or someone else".

Anyhow, got the grandma coming over and watching the kids this weekend, the wife and I are gonna head to the beach for a little break. Not a long trip but a little break. I like going to the beach in the winter when it's cold. The beach will be empty and the restaurants will be too.

We'll get to eat some good food and enjoy some peace and quite. Plus we are gonna do a little scouting for a place to stay this summer. Maybe try a different place. Although that will be more for something to do than anything. I like staying on the very end and I like the place we usually stay so I bet we will be there again this year.

Cherry Grove, North Myrtle Beach. Here we come.........

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