Sunday, December 2, 2012

Something To Think About...........

So I quite smoking about 5  months ago and I honestly thought I would see an improvement the day I quite. Much to my disappointment I honestly don't think I have seen any improvement. Until now!

I have been riding really hard lately. Making a point of riding with my fast buddies and just trying as hard as I can to get faster and loose some weight. I am on a 4 day a week schedule and my legs have been killing me.

Yesterday I went with Charles and Dane and rode 2 laps at Backyard Trails, first time I have ever done that. I was honestly ready to head to the car after one lap! But I stuck it out, I really had no other choice. They where gonna ride another anyway so I did too.

Then today after church Cody and I went to Uhwarrie, I figured I would suffer but what the hell, tomorrow is a off day as far as riding goes. But to my amazement I felt really good and the same hills that were kicking my ass last time I was over there weren't that bad!

I felt good, really good! Maybe I am gonna get better this year. I just need to stick with the crowd I have been riding with and leave the smokes alone..............

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