Monday, December 17, 2012

We Back Jack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back where? Back racing! OK, so it's honestly been the better part of 2 almost 3 years since we lined up for a race. With Cody spending a year playing school soccer and then blowing his knee apart playing soccer the next year. Then a full year of rehab it has been that long.

Until yesterday! Yep he plans on racing everything next year. By everything I mean the Southern Classic Series and a few other races. So that being said we went to Columbia SC yesterday for the "Rudolph Rampage". Me Cody and Kelly. Cody did juniors and won by a mere 30 seconds. He had his hands full, Kelly did single speed and ended up 2nd. If he hadn't of flatted he would have been first.

As for me I had about 25 in my class and had no ideal what to expect. Of course I found myself in the lead at the first turn up the gravel road. We had about a 3/4 mile start up a gravel road so I knew I needed to see how it played out and not kill myself trying to get to the woods first. So I backed out of it, and then fell in line about 5th place.

I had 18 miles to go so it was on! I made 1 big mistake yesterday, not enough warm up. That proved to be a big mistake, my legs where on fire for the first lap and a half! Then once they (my legs) got up to speed I was really comfortable. I ended up with 2 more guys getting by me and another who thought he wanted by. I let him, and stayed dead on his ass, he fell apart shortly after that and I never saw him again.

I ended up finishing with an 8th place! Yep, I am happy as hell with that! It's been a while since I raced and I was rusty but I still held my own, and I will get better as the year goes by and I lose some weight. I have to get back into my routine and figure out what works for my pre-race warm up then I will start moving up.

It's gonna be a fun year!!!!!!

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