Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Now For New Year's ..............

Not that I have any plans for New Years, but I do get another day off! Then I get another 3 weeks off. I always use this time of year to think about the year. Good or bad it's gone and we get  to try again.

We had a good Christmas, the kids had a great time and got a few things they wanted. The wife had a nice Christmas and I did too. We saw all Karen's family and spent time with them, Wriston and Quincy are growing like crazy. We only see them a few times a year, so it's always a treat to see them.

I rode about everyday, the weather was nice. Then Monday it finally started raining. Christmas day was nice and then today has been a total wipe out! It may never dry! We haven't had this much rain in months. I do have a night ride tentatively planned for tomorrow night (Thursday) so we'll see.

Also I did get up this morning to go swim and got to the gym only to find it was closed! They go back to their regular hours tomorrow so I will try again. I like the swimming and after all the food I ate over the holiday's I need to get back in the pool!

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