Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back At It ...........

They were open and I got in the water! I was there at 5:25am, in the water at 5:30am! I like hitting the pool early, it's a great way to start the day.

Also, I know it's only my 3rd time going and believe me I have yet to figure out my "process". But It's fun! I have increased my laps every time I went, I am up to 13 laps or 26 lengths. I like the way "lengths" sounds better than laps but I figured out real swimmers refer to each session by "laps".

As far as process goes, I have to plan ahead the night before, what I am going to wear and does it need ironing? I go ahead and load it up so I have it in the morning. Last time I went I realized right about the time I hit the water that I forgot my goggles.

Today I have come to realize I need a bigger gym bag. I have no where to put my sweat pants and sweat shirt, after I get ready for work. I go to the gym  wearing my swim shorts under my sweat pants and then get ready after I swim and shower. I did get a lock for Christmas and I have my flip flops. Now I need a bag.

Even with the purchase of a new gym bag, fins and goggles. This is still the cheapest sport I have found yet!!!!

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