Friday, December 7, 2012

Please Rain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I said it! "Please Rain" We need it, in a bad way. All day, slow drizzle just let it rain. It's so dry in the woods that last night we rode and if you where in the back you had a hard time seeing! Much less trying to breath!

On the fast sections it's hard to keep up because you can't even see the trail. But we had fun! That's why we went me, Cody and Charles hit the woods.

Steve's Trail it was. The place rocks! I know I say that every time we go there but it's the truth. Even Cody has come to like it, at first he was kinda on the fence. He liked it but he thought it was kinda hard. Now he has gotten used to it and thinks it's the bomb. Our plan is to ride there all weekend.

Next Sunday is the race so we will ride Sat. Sun. Tues. Thur. Then go Sunday, I am looking forward to it. Not sure who's gonna join us yet but were talking about it. After that we have the winter series.

I still hate it but I am kinda looking forward to it. Now that Cody is into it again so am I....

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