Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Must Be Scared..........

First of all, I totally forgot the blog again yesterday. That's twice here lately I let it slip my mind. We have gotten busier at work and that's a good thing for sure. I just need to start doing the blog early am or late at night, one of the two.

Now for the title: "I Must Be Scared"

Why, because every time Kelly tries to get me to start swimming I come up with an excuse! Yes I need to loose some weight and that would be the perfect way to get a jump start on that. But every time I come up with a reason.

Last night was the same! Kelly Cody and I went night riding at Steve's place and he was  trying to talk me into showing up at 6am this morning. He even has Cody talked into coming. Cody will go to the aquatic center and swim already so he's all for it.

Then throw in the fact that Kelly, who started doing triathlons this year, is telling me how he will swim for 45min to an hour and how when he started he could only swim 25 yards before he was out of breath! Great, can't wait for that!

Well I finally gave last night. We are gonna meet Friday morning, I am gonna finally give it a go. For better or worse I am gonna show up at 6 am and go swimming.

At least the pool is only 3ft deep so I think I will be safe from drowning.....

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