Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Still On Break.....

But feeling better! Maybe not a lot, but a little bit. I did work yesterday and then went home and crashed hard on the couch. Got up and hung out for awhile then went to bed.

What a night!

Although my first question to the wife this morning was "should I ride today"  her reply "no, you'll wear yourself out". Not what I wanted to hear but it does make sense. My plan last week was to ride tonight and Thursday then be ready for Sunday.

Plans change!!!!!

I still plan to go Sunday, I am looking forward to it. I was just hoping to have a little more seat time. Like it would make a difference, it might have. Everything will help in the long run. But because of my illness I will probably end up with a ride Thursday and line up Sunday.

I could lie and tell ya how I can use it as a training ride and I need the ride, blah,blah,blah. Which is all BS, If I line up for a race, in my mind I plan on beating everybody else there. I might not, but I will beat the better half of everybody. Even at 44 years old I still get the "butterflies" when we are about to start.

Now if I can just get rid of the crud...........

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