Monday, December 31, 2012

Let's Do It Again !!!!!!!

OK, I got my one political post out of the way and it'd time to move on! I guess I am gonna go ahead and pay to put pics on here. Several times lately I have wanted to post pics and couldn't. So I am gonna pay.

Next! I don't know about you but I have had a lot of fun this year and can't wait to do it again. I avoided growing up another year and don't plan on changing that next year.

Cody, is finally about 95% percent healed with his knee and back on the bike. Chase has grown a lot and doing well. Karen loves her job and is happy. So overall I think life is pretty good!

We finished the year with a beach trip just the two of us, that was nice. Mom came and watched the kids and we went down for a quick trip. I love the beach in the winter time, nobody is there and it's nice and quite. We drank some beer and did the walk on the beach. We even drove down to Myrtle Beach and walked around for awhile. Haven't done that in years!

Yes it was cold, actually it was colder there than here. We got home yesterday and it was a lot warmer.

Hell, we even made a late year bike race! The one and only bike race we made all year! We have plans to race the whole Southern Classic Series this year so that should be fun. With that and the fact we plan to qualify, we are gonna head to upstate Pennsylvania in the early fall for the USA Cycling nationals. that should be a good ending to the summer.

As long as where talking about vacations we seem to get stuck in a rut as far as doing the same thing. The last few years we have done the beach in the late summer and the kids have enjoyed it, We have too, I like a week at the beach. But this year I think we are gonna try a trip to Michigan! Yea, Michigan! Why not, Cody went up this year and really enjoyed it. He went up with Emma's dad to pick her up and bring her home. She spends the summer up there with her mom every year.

This coming year we are gonna try to time it so we pick her up and get a week up that way. So stay tuned!

So again "Let's Do It Again"...............

Talk at ya Wednesday..................

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