Thursday, December 6, 2012

Need To Check That!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My light! That's what I need to check. Last night I met the boys and we headed in the woods at 4:30. At 5:30 it was dark, the only problem with that was I was still in the woods!

It wasn't totally dark but in the woods it was! I went to turn on my little helmet light about 10 minutes from the end and nothing. On the last section through the woods It was really dark. But I had fun so that was cool.

Kelly and Scott along with their boss did a triathlon Sunday so I got to hear all about that. Kelly finished 17th and Scott was 28th, the boss was 8th. Not bad, they kicked ass on that! I know I couldn't do it. Maybe one of these days I might try something like that, but not right now. Funny thing is, they all did their first one this summer and since then they have done about 3 each. They act like they like doing them.

It's all I can do to get ready for a bike race and they are gonna show up just for the hell of it.

By the way I started this post yesterday and meant to put it up last night. I got home and did a little laundry, helped fix dinner and did nothing else. The wife is sick and not feeling well at all so I stayed close to the house. I even worked in a nap. Hadn't done that in a long time......

Tonight we ride !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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