Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Get Grumpy When I am Sick !!!!!!!!!!!

For 2 reasons: 1- I am wasting valuable ride time that I will never get back !!! 2- I don't feel good !!!!!!

That being said I had to go by Walgreens last night on the way home and drop off prescriptions for Chase.  That pissed me off. Or should I say the dumb ass who works at Walgreens pissed me off.......... Here's how it went..

I pull up, nobody's in the drive through line in front of me. Good. I pull up push the button. Looking through the mirrors, I can see the little tech pharmacy student sitting at the counter. Nobody is inside at the counter and he's there by himself.

I push the button, he picks up the phone from inside at the counter where he is "can I help you". That hit me wrong, My reply, "no I ride through these drive thru's all the time and hit the button just for the hell of it".

To which he replies "huhhhhh"... So now I am getting kinda irritated, I explain. "of course I need help, I can plainly see you are in there by yourself and not with any customers" "why would you pick up the phone all the way over there and offer to help! Knowing your gonna have to get up off the stool and walk over here anyway"

"to help"

Now he hangs up and walks over to the window, picks up phone number 2 and says, hold on to your hat! "can I help you" I just look at him now and shake my head. He now can kinda tell I am thinking he isn't very bright. The next thing he says just makes me start laughing.

"I was playing with my phone and just wasn't paying attention" So now I know he wasn't even working! Now he says "when do you want to pick it up"

To which I reply "I am here now, you just said you weren't working" he grins "oh yea". He sits the phone down and walks off. Less than 5 minutes later he is back, hands me my stuff and I am on my way. It took longer to get him to come to the window than it did to fill the prescription!!!!

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