Monday, December 3, 2012

Why Not.............

I know I said I wasn't gonna ride today but I swear I went to bed last night really stoked. I had such a good ride yesterday I want to go again. Nothing to long, just enough to push the legs.

Behind the house we have a church with a really step hill in front of it. I have been over there before and done nothing but climb the hill for training. It will definitely get your heart rate up and make your legs burn! Or I might go walking.

Not my favorite thing to do but I am starting to notice my jeans are fitting a little better. Between my ramp up in riding and paying a little closer attention to what I am eating things are starting to come together. Plus we have the race on the 16th. I know I am not in the shape I need to be to ride at the front but I know I won't be in the back either

My goal is to loose 25 pounds, so far I am about 5 pounds lighter. Between "" and my renewed commitment to riding and racing, this year should be fun!

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