Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Kids Tux's, and a Surprise !!!!!!!!!

So yesterday I had Cody meet me at the Men's Warehouse to pick out his tux. The prom is in 2 weeks and we needed to get that done. It's his senior year and this will be his last prom. I was kinda excited to take him, I am well aware my father son time is gonna come to close sooner than I would like. I wish they could stay 12 years old forever, instead of grow up!

Of course we will always be best friends but he is growing into his own life and so mom and dad start to take a back seat. Again, of course that's what you want them to do, grow up and be a responsible adult but I still hate to loose my kid! It seems like it happens way to fast!

Anyway back to the tux'. He meets me there and we go and check in. He starts to fill out the paperwork and I am kinda just there for support when she asks what color he wants. His reply, "white"! My reply was "what did you just say?" White! No way! Not on my dime! He gives me this look like, why not.

I point out the fact that they have 12 mannequins set up with 12 different color suits and not a one has a white tux'. The reason, "they look like shit". He is going to the prom not a pimp convention! We argue for a few minutes and I point out the fact he had a friend last year who wore a white tux and remember how tacky it looked. Then he laughed and thought about it.

We ended up getting a nice dark grey fitted tux and his girl friend is wearing a black dress. They are gonna look good and we avoided the "white tux' bullet". Another life lesson learned, I hope! Never wear a white tux!

Now for the surprise! Karen decided to go with her mom out to Kinston Sunday for her nephew's birthday. They are gonna leave Saturday evening and will be back Sunday afternoon. It looks like a trip to the mountains will be in order! I might be burned out on mountain biking down here but riding up there sounds like a great ideal! I am gonna service my bike tonight and get everything ready for a full day Sunday.

I am excited............

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