Thursday, April 24, 2014

Here Ya Go !!!!!!!

I guess I left out a few details yesterday because I got a few emails telling me that. Grandma is 87 years old, she panicked when she came up behind me. We met at the bottom of a small valley on a really narrow road and she was worried someone was gonna come over the hill and rear end her.

She was laying on the horn and then slipped up beside me. Of course there wasn't enough room at that moment but she came anyway! When she was beside me another car came over the hill coming at her. That's when she just came on over and hit me! Knocking me in the ditch, then she kept going. She says she didn't realize she hit me.

I was there and the way it happened, I believe her. I can see her getting upset and panicking, not knowing what to do. Did she do right, no! But she meant no harm. It could have been worse but it wasn't. Why would I drag an 87 year old woman to court and put her through that, not my style!

Like I said I feel bad enough as it is with them going ahead and starting the process to revoke her license. Nobody wants to give up the privilege of driving. She lives next door to her son and he was there when the state trooper came by. Even the state trooper said he was glad the son was there, she was that upset. The son signed the paperwork to get this started and he understood. He even said they (the kids) had talked about doing this but just didn't have the heart to do it. But yes this was kinda the warning they needed to go ahead and do it.

                                    Again, I feel sorry for the woman.....

So life moves on! Not many people can say they got hit by a car and then rode home so I kinda like the story! Makes me look tougher!!! Besides what would you do, are you really mean enough to stress out a little old lady..... I have been surprised by the people who have said they would..................

                                                 Be nice!!!!!!!!!!!

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