Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Big Woods ,,,,,,,,,,

So we are here and we have ridden. I took Chase the first day and we went to Bent Creek, he doesn't ride as much as he used to and I wondered how he would do. Turns out when you are a kid it must not matter that much! Yes he walked a few climbs but overall I was thoroughly impressed.

We only did a 10 mile loop but it had 1200ft of climbing! That's no joke for a kid who hasn't n lately. I was proud! We ended up cutting it a little short for a flat but overall it was great. The woods where packed with people and the weather was perfect.

Now yesterday morning I snuck out for a early morning ride and went back to Bent Creek. This time there was 3 cars in the lot including mine and that was it. I knew I would have the place all to myself and yes I liked that ideal but it also had me a little on edge. Them woods are deep and being  out by myself was a little spooky.

I toughed it out though and had a great ride! I only passed one lady way back in the woods all by herself and 2 other cyclist. I figured if that tough little lady could make it all alone so could I. The temps where perfect and I got just a few rain drops on me. By the time I got back everybody was up and moving the day was on!

Now for the rest of the trip!!!!!!!!!

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