Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oh' How Quick We Forget ,,,,,,,,,,,

As I mentioned yesterday I hadn't really ran any since last spring, I did the Charleston deal and then kinda went back to the bike. Well yesterday I had a plan to meet with Kelly and that fell through so I decided to go alone. I was gonna go over to Beatty park and had stopped at a store and ran into a buddy. He reminded me of the trail at Monroe Country Club.

I had forgotten all about it! I used to run there probably 20 years ago but hadn't even thought about it, I was even telling the wife the other day Monroe needs a trail to at least go walking on. I had forgotten all about that one. Well the dog and I headed that way. 4 miles later and I was there! 4 miles, 8 round trip! Beatty is 17 miles one way, how I forgot about the country club I'll never know.

Now back to what I forgot! I forgot how bad running can make you hurt! My legs are as sore as they have been in a long time. I only ran a lap and walked the other and I feel like a mack truck ran over me! Today will be a slow easy road ride guaranteed!

I need to spin out the legs. But I will be back down to the country club. That's a gem I had forgotten about, and it's in my backyard. Look forward to it. I am a little over a month away at the moment from the Pisgah 55.5k and I feel like I am doing pretty good as far as training. If you want to call it training, I call it just riding and enjoying the extra time on the bike.

Training would mean I had a real plan. My plan is to ride and enjoy it, then go to the mountains and ride and enjoy that. Perfect plan!

Now if I can just turn over the pedals today. My thighs are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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