Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let's See How This Goes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So I think I have made it pretty clear here lately that I am kinda tired of the mountain bike. It's no big deal I go through this every few years, I take a break and then I come back, it's like I never left. I still have all the skills and I just get back on and go like I never missed a beat! Right now I enjoy the road bike and that's what I want to ride. Enough said!

This time is different, I still want to play in the woods. I just don't care to ride the bike in the woods. Last week the wife and I went for a hike and we loved it. I have since picked up a few backpacking magazines and she and I have both been checking out the gear options! Of course we have no ideal what we need but a few trips to REI and maybe a class or two with a knowledgeable sales associate and we might get some where.

We have our trip to Asheville coming up and plan on doing a few hiking trips while we are there. I am excited about that,  I look forward to digging a little deeper into hiking. We hope to get in a few overnight trips by the end of summer. That will be cool!

But today I am gonna try something I haven't done in years. We are going trail running! Yep, Kelly and I are meeting at a local trail and we are gonna run. I brought my shoes and shorts and plan to be sore tomorrow! I actually look forward to it! I know this is gonna work muscles I haven't used in years. Yes I did do a few foot races last year and did the Cooper River Bridge Run but I kinda lost interest in running just to be running pretty quick.

I like doing the races because of the challenge and it's neat to run with a big group like that but as far as lacing up and heading out the door for a run. That just didn't workout to well. Maybe if I start doing the woods running I will enjoy it more. Something different, that's what I am looking for!

It's time for a change................................

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