Monday, April 21, 2014

Now Were' Back !!!!!

My last post said now were here, well this one says "Now Were Back". I had plans to post while we where gone but I had a crappy internet connection and I didn't have the patients for that! The one post I did last Tuesday probably took me 30 minutes to get loaded and it was my vacation!

            I didn't feel like wasting every morning doing that so Blogging got cut from the agenda!

Now I am back! We had a great week, the weather was a little cooler than we expected bur no big deal. I got to pedal 4 out of the 7 days we where there. Total for that ended up being 55 miles and 8000ft of climbing! A good foundation toward the Pisgah 55'5k I have coming up in 4 weeks. That was kinda my plan going into the week, knock out a bunch of miles and do a bunch of climbing.

We did the Biltmore house thing and of course downtown. We also did a few hikes, that was kinda fun. I have never been a big hiking person but to be honest it was neat slowing down and really looking around. Cody even got into it, he turned out to be my hiking buddy. Karen would walk around town and the campground but that was it. Chase came out and rode the mountain bike with me so overall it was a great week. Now we are gonna get ready for the the fall trip to DC. That's the next thing we have on our agenda.

So now life is back to normal! I came home Saturday and we unpacked for the most part, the rest can wait. I slipped out and did a nice 47 mile 2300ft of climbing road ride yesterday. Kind of a "I need my time and space we have been on vacation type ride"! That seemed to be the deal for all of us. Chase disappeared up stairs, Cody took off to his friends and Karen got caught up on her TV shows. We all ended up back together last night. We had dinner and talked about the day, I pointed out how everybody parted ways and we all got a laugh out of it!

Got to love your family, everybody has one enjoy it for what it's worth..........

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