Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting Close ,,,,,,,,,,,,

The weekend and my ride time! My massive training week is fast approaching and I am making plans. Maps have been glanced at and routes thought about. I tend to be the type to "kinda" make a plan. Most times I decide which way to go within the first mile. That's one of the reasons I like to ride alone. I like to get lost once in awhile.

Plus I truly feel like a kid when I make turns and go a brand new direction I have never been. When I was a kid and had the paper route I would deliver the weekend paper and be done by 6am. Of course being a kid I was up for the day, so off I would go. I would explore all over the city!

Mom and dad had no clue where I went. I used to ride all over the campus for the college, I would sneak in the football stadium and go downtown to the arena. No wonder the Kentucky Wildcats are my favorite team! I used to sneak in and watch them practice when I was a kid. I wonder if you could do that now..

Anyhow I look forward to getting lost in Asheville! That's what vacations are for, to make you feel like a kid again! I swear I dread growing up, it's gonna suck!!!!

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