Monday, April 7, 2014

It Came It Went ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

That's about how my weekend went. Saturday we had a planned outing, Karen changed departments at work and all her "old" co-workers wanted to give a going away party type deal. We meet at a winery over on Albemarle and had a good afternoon.

We hung out for a few hours and had a wine tasting and they all got to spend time chatting. By the time we left I had too much wine in me to try a ride so that was out. We came home and I took a nap, then the basketball started. I spent the afternoon watching the final four and my Kentucky Wildcats making the championship game!

It's tonight! I even woke up this morning to amped up to sleep. It's been an up and down year for us, they started the season ranked number 1 and finished barely making the NCAA tournament. Nobody expected them to still be playing this late in the year much less playing for the championship!!

Except me! We did a pool here at work and when I filled it out I picked my team to go all the way! Everybody laughed and said I was crazy. To me, how can you not pick your team. All these Carolina fans I work with didn't pick their own team to do very much. They were right, but still you got to stick with your team! I did and here we are!!!

                                              Go Kentucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did try to ride yesterday but I just wasn't feeling it. I did a 10 mile loop and came straight home.. Some days it just isn't meant to be.....

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