Thursday, April 3, 2014

The One Rule !!!!!!!!!

And my favorite rule! "It's easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask permission". With that thought in mind I let the kid take his first solo street bike ride.

                                    I damn near had to sleep in the camper last night!

She was cleaning the inside of her car and wasn't paying us any attention and I had rolled it out in the yard. Cody has long since wanted to ride a street bike and we have talked about it a few times but nothing has come of it. Usually mom speaks up and that's it.

Well yesterday I said OK, I let him take it to the store and fill up the gas. Karen heard it crank up and leave and she didn't even look up, she just asked where had I gone. When I replied that was Cody heading up the driveway she like to had a heart attack!

                                                      She was not happy!!!!!

Of course he made it back and now he wants to get his permit so bad he can't stand it. I told her I would put him in the motorcycle safety training course at the local college but that didn't seem to help. I told Cody just let it rest for now and we will start working on it. This is gonna take a while...................

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