Friday, April 4, 2014

Slow Day ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

After the excitement the night before I decided to keep things simple last night. Meaning I never mentioned the street bike or Cody getting his motorcycle license. Instead I rode my bicycle, and I enjoyed it too. That made a perfect evening!

Except for the wind and the smell of shit it was a good ride! I had to keep an eye out over my shoulder for the next fertilizer truck but it's that time of year. Living in the country you get used to it, it's part of spring. I tend to look at it as a good sign instead of fussing about it.

I came to work this morning and a few people where fussing about the smell, I just laughed! As I said you have to keep your eye kinda peeled over your shoulder, if you see a farmer coming with a spreader truck you better ease on over far enough he has to slow way down! You don't want to get sucked up in the cloud he has behind him! Believe me I have been there... It ain't fun..

There have been times I had to come home and take a shower as soon as I came in the door. It sucks if one comes by at 45 and your all sweaty and he doesn't slow down. LOL...... Been there done that. Believe me I was looking back as much as forward. At least you can kinda tell by the sound the flotation tires make. That's your first clue it's time to get wide..

With that in mind I hope the rain holds of tomorrow. I don't really have any plans but I plan to ride and that's good enough for me. Have a nice weekend.............

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