Monday, June 20, 2011


Yep it's Monday and I am back at work. I was going to take the day off since I have a birthday this week but decided to save the day. I usually take my birthday off but I need to save the day, I might need it before the end of the year. I would rather be paid when I take off so it will get used at a later date. Besides Wednesday is the day and it is in the middle of the week this year, that sucks. Next year it will be on a Thursday so I will take two days off to make up for this year.

Enough about that, spent Saturday in the pool and hanging out at the house. Loaded up the truck about 5 after all the storms came thru and headed to Uhwarrie again. The kids stayed at home and grandma came and stayed with them for the night. I love my new camper!

So we get to our new super secret hiding place in the woods and set up for the night. I would tell ya where I am going but then I might run into you over there and I sure don't want that to happen. It costs nothing and you get nothing for nothing! No services and an outhouse for a bathroom.

one way in

one way out
That is why I love my camper, we drive about 2 miles down down into the woods and find a spot we like and set up. We got down there about 8pm, Karen sets up the inside and I roll out the carpet and set up outside. We had a bottle of wine and just chilled out and listened to the forest talking.

As you can see we have lights and a sink with water and air condition. It don't get any better than that. I like the contrast in this photo it was getting dark and Karen had the lights on inside. It actually got cold Saturday night. I had to get up and turn the heater on. That was nice, it made it toasty warm inside and I went right back to sleep.

I want to thank our friends at the National Forest Service for making this place available for use. When we got there Saturday night we saw a couple headed down the road with all their stuff on their bicycles. They went way up in the forest for the night! That is pretty cool!! I want to do that at some point, Cody would go with me but if I want to take the wife it will be in the mighty Flagstaff!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes it gets dark in the woods............

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