Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ok, I may be a little late but here we go. Friday was the day, our elementary school career is officially over! That sucks, I am kinda sad about it. As I have said these last few years I have always taken Chase and Karen has always taken Cody. Now I am out of the loop.
calm before the storm

This was a shot of the boy walking in with the rest of them and taking his seat. He left the house with his shirt tucked in! Fussing the whole time, I guess he won. We got there and his shirt was not tucked in anymore. LOL... He was ear to ear smiles about that. Made me laugh too!!!!

getting his papers!!!!!!
mom getting his papers!
So we sat there for about 2 hours and he got served his papers. Then they did what they call the last walk. They take all the kids and the parents line the halls then, they walk up and down all the halls in the school.

It is pretty neat to see them all doing the last walk. The place was packed and all the other kids come out of their classes to see them walk by. Makes them feel pretty special, he was all smiles when he finally came by us.

Then we went to his class and said good bye to his teacher. He really liked his teacher this year, he will miss her next year.

Next we hit the hallway to checkout his hand print. Every year they let the fifth graders do a hand print on the wall, they leave it up until they graduate high school! That's kinda neat I thought, Cody (my oldest) still has his on another wall. Then after that we did the pictures at the front of the school and went for lunch.

Karen Chase and I

grandma Ann and grandma Sandy
School is over for now and summer has started................... 

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