Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Broke Bike...........

Yep, I said BROKE........ Cody got his new road bike, sweet BMC, my dream bike. I brought it home and we got ready and hit the road. Then the fun was over, that fast it turned into disappointment. You go get a high end bike and come home ready to ride and no luck. Yes it will be fixed in 2 days and things like this happen. I just hate when it happens!

The seat post broke! The bike has an integrated seat post with the clamp mechanism inside the post. That means it has no seat post clamp. Sometimes I like the old dependable. The connecting rod inside the post is made of carbon fiber. It broke , the repair kit comes with an aluminum rod.

So if the repair kit comes with the other rod that would probably tell you the carbon doesn't work! So why do the new bikes still come with the carbon.

OK, I am done complaining now. It will be fixed in a day or two and we will be able to ride and all will be well. He is still excited and it looks good with him on it. Like I said it would be my dream bike. Carbon frame and fork shimano 105 components DT Swiss wheels compact crank with a tall rear cassette. Carbon seat post bars and stem! That is one happy kid, smiling in this picture. Makes it all worth while!!!!!!!  

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