Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Friday again and we are heading out of town to Asheville. I know I have talked about it a few times this week but what the heck, I haven't raced this year so I have been talking about everything. The camper is my latest and greatest new toy and I like using it. I am going to push hard for a trip back to Uhwarrie next weekend . I will keep you posted.

Last night I got a new grill for the camper, stainless steel. The top of the line, it is a birthday present for myself. Yea I haven't mentioned it this week but I did have a birthday on Wednesday. I am now 43 years young! I am still waiting to grow up, maybe that will happen next year. Probably won't but we can wait and see. Back to the grill, we needed one for camping so why not get a nice one.

Now to the bicycles! You buy a brand new bike and get new brakes. What do we do, we take off the new brakes and buy carbon brakes! Why you ask, because I am a sucker. When it comes to my kids I take care of them. Chase got a new video game this week that he sure didn't need and Cody got new brakes that he sure didn't need!

They look good though! The cool factor is off the charts on these.........................Yes I spent my birthday money on the game and the brakes......

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