Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Part Time Job................

Ever been to the the grocery store. I know you have, but damn, I need a part time jog to deal with it! What am I talking about? Groceries, we hit the grocery store last night and went broke! 200 bucks doesn't go very far, 1 buggy slam full and that was it. Only 2 pounds of ground beef. No other meat at all.

I want to cook steaks this weekend on the grill but I have to wait till i get paid before I can afford that! I still need gas to get to work this week! I need charcoal and lighter fluid to make it happen. That's 10 by it's self, oh well there is always food stamps!

Maybe I need to apply for aid, seems to work for other people! I go to work everyday and pay taxes and try to be productive. But no relief, what the hell. Can't wait to vote again!!!!!!!!

Oh well, I feel better now I had breakfast. LOL.............Anyhow just a little food for thought. I will send ya a bill for reading this, since it is "food for thought" you got to pay up..............

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