Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday Blues.........

I wish mondays were a continuation of Sundays. I know I have to go to work at the beginning of every week but could we at least make the start of the week on Tuesday, I would like that a lot better. Saturday was pretty uneventfull, Karen went to breakfast with her friends and then shopping with my mom. The kids and I stayed around the house and did about nothing. I cleaned the pool and they played, that was about it.

Cody rode the dirt bike and made a few more jumps across the driveway and Chase and I got in the pool for quite awhile. Actually we were in the pool to long , he got a little to much sun for his fair skin. I kinda felt bad after he got out I should have put sunblock on him. I will have to do better next time. At the rate the kids are going I will have no grass by the end of summer.

I have a trail going up one side of the drive with a jump beside the garage and now we have about 3 jumps over the driveway. At the turn of the driveway I have a big bare spot from all the run and gun they do up the side of the drive. Oh well who cares, I don't; as I have said before when they grow up and move I will have plenty of grass. Big deal, I hate grass and mowing grass.

chase is 3rd from right
Before I forget we had Chase's Spring Celebration Friday at the elementary school. I am always glad when it is over but this time I was kinda sad. This Friday will be his last day in elementary school, he is growing up fast. Now he is going to middle school. That flew by with Cody so I know it will be fast with Chase also.

By the way when it is hot a pool will wear you out I was completely worn out Saturday evening and did nothing but swim and hang out with the kids. 

Sunday rolled around and Cody and I got out early and headed to Uhwarrie National Forest to do some mtn. biking. It is one of the tougher options we have around this area and it didn't let us down. We had a good time and got about 20miles of riding in. Cody was running a little temperature that slowed him down a little bit but overall we had fun. It was hot and the spider webs where thick but oh well that's part of it. We rode a few new trails that were pretty technical but I liked them. Cody missed a turn once and ended up on his ass but he recovered.

I got a few good pictures while we where there, they cut a new trail in a while back , it was sweet. We rode it a few times it's not very long, maybe 1.6 miles but worth a couple of rides. After we rode it we headed up the fire road and made a loop back around to the tight stuff. They have been logging the mountain again so some of the trails are messed up but we enjoy the place.

After we got around the logging road we got back into the regular trails. We stopped at this creek bottom and I got these shots. In the early spring this creek is usually a foot deep! Right now it is a couple of inches deep and that's it!. Not a drop of water coming of the mountain.

From the creek bottom starts the longest climb out there. You go up this trail and climb for about a mile on some steep stuff. You end up back in the parking lot sucking wind!

Last on the way home we say this on the side of the road and had to stop and take a picture. It is a custom 650 Yamaha bobber. Cody liked it but this thing would kick your butt. A solid rear end, no shocks!

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