Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Turkey Time........

As I mentioned a few posts back we are now the owners of a turkey. Tom the turkey, he is presently staying in our garage. His new house is still under construction. As I said before I am a sucker! If I wasn't we would not have a turkey in our garage.

with a duck for a companion
He is a little fellow at the moment, soon to be big. As you can see the pictures of Karen holding him he isn't that big yet. But when he gets bigger he will be huge, they grow to be very large.

As you can see he likes to be held. He will sit around and chirp if he can here you. Then you pick him up and he goes to sleep. He likes to follow you around the yard if you put him on the ground. Oh well, we have Thanksgiving covered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just kidding......................

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