Wednesday, June 29, 2011


No direction today, just follow my lead. I got these shots around the house and thought you might like them. First we have my wife in her yard kicking boots! You gotta love a chick who will go out in public wearing these things.

Next we have a camper that caught my eye the other day, I was at Camping World in Statesville. This is the first camper/pop-up I have ever seen. I went inside of it and climbed the stairs , it was pretty neat inside. Up in the top you have a couch that makes a bed and you can look around and check out things.

Now we are to the kid making his new chicken/turkey pen. He won't clean his room but he has been working on these bird pens like he was getting a check out of it. Damn kids!!!!!!

Next we have a shot of a feed mill I used to deliver too. When I was trucking this was the place I delivered my very first load too. I went by it on my way home from Statesville.

In closing today I will leave you with a sunset photo I got across the backyard the other day......  

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