Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Going Again.....................

Can't stay long, got to go. I bought this camper to use and by goodness that's the plan! I have made reservations for Lake Powhatan Campground up in Asheville. Same place Cody and I went a few weeks ago. Time to climb some hills again, yes pain and suffering are fun.

Speaking of pain, how about a pain in the ass! It has taken BMC bicycles a week to send a new seat post for Cody's new bike. The one that we brought home and took right back. At least now he can get going and ride. He wants to take it to the mountains this weekend and road ride.

How about this, you don't see this everyday. On the way home I stopped at a store, looked up and saw this crane with a guy on the end of it. By the time I got my camera out I missed him, he was already in the top of the "tree" cell phone tower.

Now to finish this post I was playing with my high dollar camera last night, the one I am to stupid to operate! I was playing with the time exposure and got these shots as a storm was coming. That's my new goal, learn to operate it...................

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