Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life Is Full Of "Firsts" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I guess that's a word, "Firsts", if not I invented a new word today. My "First" occurred last night about 4 miles from my house at the end of a good ride. After I come through downtown Monroe and cross 74 I have a long downhill before a few short climbs and I am home. From 74 to the house is about 4 miles, to close to fix a flat and to far to walk!

I made the call and the kid came and got me. Back to my "First", as I crossed 601 last night I got in full tuck mode and was moving along about 26-28 miles an hour. All of a sudden "boom", the back of the bike starts to come around and I am holding on. It took a few seconds for me to realize what had happened.

Flat tire!! I get things back under control and come to a stop. Make my phone call and wait. While I wait I inspect the tire and find that I couldn't fix it anyway. The whole middle of the tire is completely separated for about 8 inches! I had worn the tire so thin it failed. First time that every happened, at least to me anyway.

So home I went. After a little digging around the garage I found a replacement tire to ride till I get a matching new one so I won't miss any road time. Now for the numbers! Yes it was on my new road bike, the one I got back around Christmas. 3500 miles, that's how far a Schwalbe Logano road tire made it on the rear end. No I don't rotate my tires, some people might but I don't.

So a $60.00 dollar tire went 3500 miles, that's a cost of like 1 cent a mile. I'll take that any day! Besides it made me realize at this pace I am gonna have a high mileage year...........

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