Monday, June 16, 2014

Break Time !!!!!!!!

So I rode Thursday Friday and Saturday, yesterday I did nothing! Really, I had plans but then I decided the pool needed my attention. It was lonely so I spent the day keeping it company. The wife and I floated all afternoon. Many beers where drank and time wasted.

It was fathers day, why not! Besides my legs were tired, now they get a day or two and then it's back on the bike. Tonight will be yard work and relaxing in the pool. We are gonna have temps in the 90's all week so the pool will be feeling good this week.

Last week was a personal record for me. As you know I am still on a road bike kick and loving it. I have been on a 100 mile a week average for about 2 months now and having the 2 days off I made use of it. I now have a new personal record! I ended up with a 143 miles for the week. I went to bed Saturday night with plans to get another 50 on Sunday and finish at the 200 mark. But Sunday rolled around and I just didn't have it in me.

It's funny how as soon as I woke up yesterday morning I knew right away my legs where not in it. I could have done it but why make yourself sore. I already had my new personal best and now I just need to get up to that mileage every week. That way I continue to improve in the mileage department.

Somewhere you reach a point where time starts to figure in. It's all in the numbers, 16.5 miles an hour average for 10 hours is 165.5 miles. Add another 35 miles in and you have another 2 plus hours for a total of 12-13 hours on the bicycle. That's a lot of time for evenings, even if you get two 3-4 hour rides on the weekend, which is almost harder to get than the mid week rides.

With the family and everything else that falls on the weekend 2 rides for 2 hours is more like it. Point is that's a lot of seat time. I enjoy it, believe me. But I do have a wife who likes to do things too.

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