Wednesday, June 25, 2014

OK, Maybe Today ,,,,,,,,,

That was my motto last night. It looked like it might rain at any moment and just didn't feel like riding in the rain. Actually I didn't feel like riding and hiding in someone's carport. Remember I washed my bike the other day, plus last week I rode on Wednesday and Thursday followed by Saturday and Sunday. That seemed to work out well so I am trying to repeat it again.

It might work it might not. The weather looks the same for the rest of the week, every afternoon rain showers. Plus I will need to mow somewhere in that period. Damn yard! I did go walking the dog last night. I figured I could make a dash for the truck if it started raining.

Guess what it didn't start raining till about 8 last night! I could have been home by then and my bike would have still been clean. Watch, tonight I will take off under the same circumstances and I will get soaked! That's just the way life works. Besides I won't melt and I can always wash my bike again.

Back to walking the dog, as I have said before I have been going to Monroe Country Club and walking around the nature trail. 2 laps is right at 3 miles, perfect for a good walk. While I walk I get to see the golf course. Before I started racing and riding the bikes again I spent 3 or 4 years golfing every chance I got. I was addicted to it and played all the time. Then one day I got tired of standing around and waiting

You see in Europe where they hardly have any golf carts, they walk golf courses. Just like you did when the game was invented! We lazy fat ass Americans invented the golf cart. But over on the other side of the big puddle people walk golf courses and can still play a game in about two and half hours!

On this side of the pond we ride golf carts and it takes almost 5 hours to play. Just about any course in the country will take you that long if you show up during the prime tee times. That's why I stopped playing and lost interest! I got tired of standing around behind a group of drunks who think they are a lot better than they where.

Lately though, going to the course and seeing how good it looks and how empty it is during the evening I find myself thinking about playing around. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

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