Friday, June 6, 2014

Time Fly's ,,,,,,,,,,

I know I say that about every other week but it seems so true! This year it's really ringing true, with Cody graduating and all that going on. Sometimes I wish we could just put our foot down and stop the whole process for a minute or two. Not long just long enough to catch my breath.

But since I can't I might as well enjoy the ride. Although it's a little bumpy, I wouldn't trade it for anything! This time next week I will have one kid through with grade school and on his way to college. Life fly's by!

So I rode Tuesday night and then mowed and did yard work on Wednesday. Last night I took the dog to the golf course and walked two laps. Total of 4 miles, I ran about half of it and we just enjoyed the nice hot evening. I was sweating like a train by the time we left so I feel like it was a success. We even ran into a few other people out enjoying the trail. Most of the time I never see anyone there.

Tomorrow AM I plan to be out early riding my bike. I hope to put in about 3 to 4 hours. That would give me around 60 miles. Of course that is road miles. Last night I was thinking about it and I swear I honestly think the last time I rode the mountain bike was back in February. At least rode it around here, I rode it while we were in the mountains for vacation and I did the race but that's been it.

I might try to change that this weekend but not if I can't find time to get over to Uhwarrie. I'll ride there but nothing else around here interests me. I hear they have been doing a lot of work over at Beatty Park, maybe that will bring me out of my local funk.....

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