Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Here There Everywhere ,,,,,,,

With the kids getting out of school today and Cody's graduation tomorrow things have been crazy! Then throw in work and the blog has taken a hit lately. Just haven't had time to mess with it.

But I am gonna try a little harder next week to get back at it. I have been riding a lot, all road no woods. We do have the 4 and 6 hour race this weekend at Ann Springs, I haven't made my mind up yet weather I want to do it or not. I am off the rest of the week starting tomorrow and we plan to do something so that's kinda in the way.

If the wife wants to do something we will if not I might try the race. Either way I won't loose any sleep over it. I still find it hard to get motivated for the local race scene. The local trails just don't seem to interest me right now. But the mountains that peeks my thoughts!

I am still averaging over a hundred miles a week on the road so I have my legs I just need something to do with them. Last night as I was riding and thinking about why I like the road so much these days. The reason that sticks out the most would have to be the location.

I left the house last night at 5:30 and within 5 miles I was on roads that where pretty much deserted! 5'oclock in the afternoon and I am riding empty country roads, it doesn't get any better than that. I ended up riding 40 miles on a week night. I even rode roads that didn't even have lines, much less traffic.

That's why I love the road bike. I hate to admit it but right now I would by a new high end road bike before I would ever buy a high end mountain bike. The feeling of flying down the road at 20 miles an hour for miles on end is just awesome!

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