Friday, June 27, 2014


The weather stayed righteous and I made a loop! I hadn't ridden since Sunday and I must have needed that. It's funny how sometimes you need a break and just don't realize it. My legs must have been tired because last night I felt strong. I didn't really have a monster average speed but I could tell I was moving along better than Sunday.

I ended up taking a little longer route than I planned but that was OK.  It seemed every time I turned a corner I would find another bridge out. This must be the summer for bridge repair in Union County NC. I found 3 road closed signs last night and had to turn around each time.

I had to turn around each time because I am hard headed! Of course I went around the sign and just had to see for myself. Sometimes you get lucky and can still ride through the construction equipment, last night I never could. Live and learn, now I know.

Tonight we rest and then ride tomorrow............ I love the weekend......

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