Monday, June 23, 2014

The Regular,,,,,,,,

Last Wednesday I had the flat, I came home and dug a tire out of the back of the garage and hit the road again. On Thursday I took off and did another ride. Friday was a break and then it was back at it for Saturday and Sunday. I put in the mileage but apparently not the effort.

You see I washed my bike Friday evening while I was enjoying a few tasty beverages and I didn't take the computer off before I washed it. I honestly don't think I ever took it off before I washed it anyway. Well this time I should have! It quit working, The cadence sensor is still working but the speed and distance part doesn't work now.

I figured that out Saturday morning when I headed out for a ride. Guess what, I must use it a lot more than I realize! I came home with the slowest average speed I have posted in a long time. I guess I just didn't notice how often I look at it and the effect it has on my speed. Sunday I made an effort to try and ride harder and my average was back where it usually is.

I guess I am gonna give it a few days and see if it dries out. Hopefully it will and I won't have to buy a new one. I need one, that's a fact. I don't use it for the mileage anymore but the speed I need to see. One of these days I need a Garmin that would fix it all.

That was pretty much my weekend, ride and lay around the pool. I did have my birthday yesterday and we cooked out for that and I also got my Blazer back from the shop. I am glad for that, it's been down and out for awhile. I took it to a friend who did the work and we worked it out on a trade we did a while back. The labor was part of the purchase price on something I sold him. That being said he didn't get in a great big hurry to fix it.

Lesson learned! He is a great guy but I won't being doing that again!!!!

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