Thursday, July 14, 2016

It's Easy !!!!!!!!!

Easy to get behind! Pedaling anyway! So last week I had a total of close to a hundred miles for the week. Pretty good, I felt like that would be an easy number to start maintaining. Fast forward to this week and it's now Wednesday and I haven't even turned over a pedal yet.

Monday was the rain all evening, Tuesday was yard work and last night was a baseball game. The triple A allstars game is in Charlotte and we went.

Now here it is Thursday and I haven't touched a bike. Then add in the fact it's 99 degrees here today and I am might rethink tonight's ride. The swimming pool is really calling my name! When you are this far into a week and nothing has been done why start. I know I need to, but there's always next week.

Although I do get my 10000 steps everyday. I keep up with that. Not really sure why I do but I do have a decent watch. A watch with a bunch of info, I guess it keeps me motivated. Although tech stuff kinda goes over my head. Some how or another I am supposed to link it to my phone so I can see who calls or texts me.

                                                           Will ever use that? No ideal.....

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