Monday, July 25, 2016

Have Ya' Noticed,,,,,,,,,,

It's hot! That's about all anyone wants to talk about, the heat! They act like this is the first time it's ever been hot. To me this makes me laugh, every year we go through this. Every summer it's hot and every winter it's cold. Nothing new here!

Guess what! You can either stay in the house and watch TV hiding from the world, and exercise. Or you can deal with it! If it's hot you sweat, if it's cold you add layers. Believe me I enjoy spring and fall too, but I deal with the rest. Of course I had to hear how crazy I was for riding after work last week.

This week will be the same. It's hot and life carries on, you can't stop and hide in the AC all summer. Well maybe some people can but I can't. You have to get outside and play. I feel sorry for those "people", that's what I call them. While they stay inside and look out windows I stay outside and look at windows as I ride by.

Saturday I meet my buddy Glen at Lake Norman State Park and we rode for a little over 2 hours, he-I and all the other outside people who had the parking lot packed! I swear I sweated the most I have yet this summer. Almost to the point that I need to start carrying more water on long rides like that. I ran out and could have really used a drink the last few miles. I was hurting!

Then yesterday I went to Sherman for a nice easy spin and then came home and got back to work. I know I have mentioned before that I hate to do yard work on a weekend, but sometimes ya got to do what ya got to do.

My brother and his family are flying in today and are here for the week. Of course I want my yard to look good! So yesterday after I got home I spent some time putting the final touches on it. Did the weed eater and mowed the driveway. The driveway Doesn't get mowed every time so it needed it.

Now we visit with them and then Friday I head back to Atlanta. Chase and I are going down to see Cody and a Braves game Saturday night. Looking forward to that. Karen has a wedding shower to go too and she will be busy with that. It's a boys weekend..........

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