Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gonna Take Awhile,,,,,,,,,,

Yes we got home her Thursday and yes she is worn out! She needs about 3 more weeks before she will be back to any sort of normal, and it will be that long before she goes back to work. On top of that you ought to see the amount of medical equipment we have in the living room! She still has to do her breathing treatments and I think we cleaned out the local Walgreen's Pharmacy!

She has so many pills to take a day that it's crazy! All that aside, it's great to have her home. Believe me when I say nobody is happier than she is. Cody even came up from Atlanta to spend the weekend with us and to see her. He worries about his mom. We all do.

Speaking of Cody he and I spent the day today checking out motorcycle shops. He wants a motorcycle and I wouldn't mind having a new one myself. I used to have a sport bike and I still miss it. That was the bike I took to Sturgis with dad in 2004. I didn't care about all the Harley's I wanted to ride my sport bike.

Anyway, we went to Matthews Fun Machines first and then hit the Harley shop before we headed to the other side of Charlotte and went to Charlotte Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Suzuki. Of course the Harley shop was just for the heck of it and the fact we were riding right by it. I will say through it wouldn't hurt for the sales staff to brush up on their customer service skills!

If your gonna charge way to much for your over priced slow ass bikes it wouldn't hurt to say hi and offer to help someone. We where there for a total of 30 minutes and not one single person even acknowledged out presence. The other two shops said hi and offered help as soon as we walked in the door. Both shops were very helpful and the sales reps we dealt with were very friendly and knew what they were talking about.

Also the Harley dealership wasn't even busy. The other two shops were really busy! I do like a few of the Harley's and would have liked to known what the prices where on those bikes but nobody cared enough to even say hi. Of all the Harley dealers I have been too Charlotte is the worst one. The most friendly ones we have ever been in where all in Pennsylvania with North Myrtle Beach being right there with them.

Also we learned that between the two Kawasaki dealers there was a 3000 dollar difference between the 2 on the same bike. Next we will check out a few different shops in Atlanta.We like motorcycles!

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